Thursday, April 1, 2010

What’s our idea?

We propose a community garden to be run exclusively by students and volunteers, helping to provide cohesion amongst different groups of students while improving the health and quality of the campus. The garden will provide many opportunities for student organizations, professors, researchers, and other programs to learn and share by cultivating their own plot of land.
A community garden has the power to address many campus issues and needs, such as sustainability, community, aesthetics, and beautification. Our garden will promote health and well-being, while providing a place for relaxation, exercise, learning, and growing. Anyone can come and socialize in a fun, natural way, to be physically active and use leisure time productively.

The garden will also aide in fostering a new equitable forum for interactions between staff, students, researchers, professors, administrators, and anyone else in and around the UMBC community. The garden’s existence will establish a connection for UMBC between nature and food; this opportunity will give UMBC a chance to actively participate in improving its environment, nutrition, and overall health.

Voting for the Grant Proposal!

There are two ways that students can vote, one is through the blackboard community 2010 Undergraduate Voting after you log in - every undergraduate should be able to see this, as well as the banner on the blackboard page. The links are below as well.
To vote, follow the link matching the first letter of your last name alphabetically:
Last name starts with A - D
Last name starts with E - K
Last name starts with L - R
Last name starts with S - Z

The other method and way of gathering more information is through the Prove It! website,
where there are links to each finalist's video and a summary of their idea, and a link to the full proposal.