Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Contact umbcgarden@gmail.com

The inside scoop:

The grant proposal:


Contact: umbcgarden@gmail.com
If you would like to get involved, or have any questions or suggestions!

Below is a template letter of support for the Community Garden Proposal, which we ask you to consider signing. The proposal for the SGA im-prove it grant of $30,000 is a competition between different ideas and one helpful asset is to have our partners sign "Letters of Support" to be submitted to David Hoffman in the Office of Student life by December 22nd.

Integral to the success of the garden is forming partnerships and involving and engaging the entire UMBC community and we offer plots and extend opportunities to volunteer to staff, administrators, academic departments, professors, researchers, graduate students, as well as undergraduate students and student groups.

Thus, in addition to your support we ask that you spread the word to any individuals or groups who may be interested by directing them to http://umbcgarden.blogspot.com to sign on as a supporter and so we may get connected to them. Our proposal draft is also available on the website and we welcome suggestions, questions, advice and concerns.

The Community Garden strives to offer equality, allowing equal access to all staff, employees and students and disregarding established hierarchies. The proposal aims to create no additional burdens or responsibilities on current employees in any positions but rather offering a space to cultivate personal garden plots rooted in service and volunteering. Additionally, half of the plot's yield will be sourced to dining services and will be available for general consumption through featured meals. A student organization will be established to host events, trainings, workshops, and oversee the maintenance of the garden.

Dear David Hoffman,

As the Landscape and Stewardship Committee, our mandate is to review and recommend policies with regard to natural and protected landscapes on campus, ecosystem management, campus beautification, and the UMBC Landscape Master Plan.

We support the community garden concept and believe that a garden will bring about positive change and continue to benefit the campus for many years. After discussing the proposal with the Prove-It Team we feel the proposal thoughtfully considers the challenges to developing and maintaining a community garden. We feel the grant should go to this group in order to enhance the campus community as well as the physical beauty and sustainability. By incorporating the cultivation of food into campus life, many opportunities for education and engagement arise, reinforcing the existing efforts. The concept of the community garden aligns with the goals of the UMBC Master Plan to foster community, sustainability, create a physical environment that enhances the learning, working and living experiences of campus users and to support teaching, research, student life and outreach programs with adequate facilities.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's meeting went really well! Thanks to everyone who attended. You can find notes on the attached document. Please also add any suggestions, input or information to it.

For this Wednesday's halloween health fair on the UC plaza from 11-2 we will have flyers with contact/basic info for the garden proposal, SEA's info on environment/agriculture issues, and fresh produce donated by Chartwells.

Although many students are interested, most of them cannot be on the team because of their involvement in SGA or SEB etc. So, if you are an undergraduate student please consider taking this on as we need between 3-7 students to be on our team. All you need is an interest in forming a community garden on campus and a willingness to help create the proposal, no experience needed.

Please let me know by the end of the month if you would like to join our team. We will decide a team leader as a group and write the proposal and make the decisions, with the help of a ton of people from all corners of campus. You'll end up really connected.

We are having biweekly meetings, our next one is Tuesday, Nov 10th @ 4pm. Everyone is welcome as we'll still be accepting input and working on figuring out the garden at that point!

Thanks! =)